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Scorched Limited Hardcover Pre-Order

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Officer Teddy Barnes is a good man.


One of the few left in the twisted and depraved town of Juniper.


He has a mystery to solve during one of the worst snow blizzards ever recorded. People are being murdered by fire. Burnt alive. Reduced to carbon.


Lisa, a young woman with a tragic past is helping Officer Barnes with the case. She’s desperate to save her lover and end the long-suffering nightmare that’s consumed her life.


Their stories will collide with enough force to shake the pillars of heaven. Or hell. This is Juniper, after all...


Set after the events of Juniper and Tome, Scorched is the third instalment of Ross Jeffery’s macabre trilogy. Deliciously creepy, with unscrupulous characters, ethereal elements and a gut wrenching storyline, Scorched will have you burning up by the time you read the last page.