Mucho Mojo: A Hap and Leonard Graphic Novel
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Mucho Mojo: A Hap and Leonard Graphic Novel

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From the mind of Joe R. Lansdale and the brush of Jussi Piironen comes one of the best in the Hap and Leonard series.  Fully illustrated for your pleasure.


Hap and Leonard return in this incredible, mad-dash thriller, loaded with crack addicts, a serial killer, and a body count.

Leonard is still nursing the injuries he sustained in the duo's last wild undertaking when he learns that his Uncle Chester has passed. Hap is of course going to be there for his best friend, and when the two are cleaning up Uncle Chester's dilapidated house, they uncover a dark little secret beneath the house's rotting floor boards—a small skeleton buried in a trunk. Hap wants to call the police. Leonard, being a black man in east Texas, persuades him this is not a good idea, and together they set out to clear Chester's name on their own. The only things standing in their way is a houseful of felons, a vicious killer, and possibly themselves.