About Us

Stygian Sky Media (SSM) creates books to stimulate imaginations. SSM books include trade paperbacks, traditional hardcovers, deluxe/limited editions, and groundbreaking original works in the genres of crime, thriller, horror-noir, dark fiction, and non-fiction titles including, photo books, music, memoir, and more.

SSM connects and creates works with authors from diverse backgrounds, from bestsellers to cult, bringing readers books they’ve never imagined.

SSM is the child of Death’s Head Press head-honcho, Jarod Barbee, and acclaimed author, Jeremy Wagner.


Jeremy Wagner spends most of his time writing books/stories during the day and squeezing in the occasional music day to write new music for his band, Broken Hope, or for his solo material.

Jeremy lives between Chicago and Miami Beach. No matter where he roams, Jeremy is always writing.

Jeremy’s passions include books, movie/films, food, wine, art, animal rescue, travel, guitars, collecting horror memorabilia, paleontology, great white sharks, history, WWII history (specific to the Eastern Front and Holocaust) donating to worthy causes, and jet-skiing whenever possible.

Jeremy lives with his wife Kym and their 2 dogs. He has 2 stepkids fresh out of college.



Jarod Barbee is the CEO of the indie horror publishing company, Death’s Head Press.

He has been on a mission to bring the world quality anthologies, novels, and collections in the realms of horror, splatterpunk, bizarro, dark erotica, dark sci-fi/fantasy, splatter westerns and more.

Jarod currently lives in Houston, Texas with his smoking hot wife, two teenage boys, their Great Danes and horses.





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